Multimedia Journalist


b. 1986, HK.


Work and Specialization
I’m a multimedia journalist who specializes in short documentaries and explainers, currently based in New York City. I have one degree in photography, and another in journalism.

I like to make videos about cool people doing cool things. My curiosity is vast, so cool might mean many things. It can be related to art, science, politics, the way they all come together, or don’t. They can be stories about the past, present or the future.

About Me
I live in New York now, but I was born and raised in Hyderabad, India.

My childhood there was spent playing with cameras and messing around with Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. I used to read encyclopedias and general knowledge reference books for fun. When I wasn’t doing that, I went on ‘adventures’ with my friends, trying to get as far away from home as possible.

Today I’m much the same.